Andersen Sliding Screen Door Roller Replacement

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andersen sliding screen door working on it

About Andersen Screen Door Rollers

An Andersen screen door uses four sets of rollers to guide the door in its track. Two sets are on top and two sets are on the bottom. The bottom rollers, because they bear the weight of the door and roll through dirt and grit, wear out over time. The wheels may develop a flat-spot or stop turning. In either case, when the door becomes too hard to push, the rollers should be replaced

Our Review of Replacing Them DIY (Or Hire Us)

First, Slide the screen door part way open so you can access the edge of the door frame.

Second, Turn each roller’s height adjustment screw counter-clockwise with a Phillips screwdriver. Lift up on the door, swing the bottom out of the lower track, then remove the door. Set it down on a table.There should be nothing on the table that can tear the screen.

Third, Squeeze the roller’s locking tabs inward with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. The tabs are located on each side of the roller wheel. Pull the roller assembly out of the slot in the frame.

Fourth, Insert the new roller assembly into its slot in the door frame, while carefully guiding the height adjustment spindle into position. When the roller assembly is rotated into position, push firmly inward to seat the locking tabs.

Lastly, Grasp the door with both hands and guide the top rollers into the upper track. Swing the bottom of the door inward and guide the bottom rollers into the bottom track. Raise the height of the door with a Phillips screwdriver until the door has enough tension to roll smoothly, but does not fall out of its tracks.

replacing rollers on andersen door

We Can Fix All Series and Every Line of Andersen Gliding Doors

A window or screen door in requirement of roller repair can be done by the experts at Galron Sliding Doors of Chicago Illinois.  Call (312) 380-0418 for Andersen sliding screen door roller replacement.

The culprit behind many roller issues is the frame. Let our experts deal with the issue; no repair work is too little or too large for us to deal with. Whether a frame or sill is rotted, windowpane is cracked, screen is damaged, windows aren’t insulated properly, hardware is broken, or you need a complete replacement, our team of experienced specialists can get it done fast and done right the very first time. Our skilled repair work professionals arrive in a business van that is equipped with the tools and parts to efficiently handle window or door repair. We will offer an expert, safe and trusted service that will make your “order of business” a thing of the past! 

Worn, ripped or bent window and patio door screens are unsightly and can let insects into your home. We can assist! Andersen windows are recognized by the Andersen logo on the glass. The logo will remain in one of the corners of the glass. It is engraved on the glass and can not be washed off. It is very light and you.

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