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Do You Feel Cold Air Coming Through Your Patio Door?

Common Issues for Drafty Sliding Patio Doors

Drafty sliding patio doors are a very common problem, especially if you’ve had your door for a while.  Air drafts, whether cold or hot result in energy efficiency issues and higher costs to regulate the temperature.

Here are some typical reasons for sliding door air drafts:

  • Bad Insulation

    Often the insulation around the patio door whether foam or construction insulation isn’t completely sealed or sometimes isn’t present on either the sides or top of the balcony door.

  • Gaps in Sliding Door Seal

    A common draft issue is that air comes in between the gaps where the door closes. This can be fixed by either tightening those gaps or sealing those gaps so that air doesn’t come through.

  • Weather Stripping

    This is a standard maintenance issue with balcony and patio sliding doors. Often the weather stripping and/or compression strips are worn or missing and is now allowing cold or warm air to seep in to the house!


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