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Patio Door - Sliding Glass Replacement

Why Galron Sliding Doors?

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  • (We come prepared with all necessary parts to fix your sliding glass patio door) – Patio door glass replacement
  • Local Family Owned Business
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  • Only Quality Replacement Parts (patio rollers, patio track, patio door handles, patio door locks, new patio door glass, etc.)
  • Experienced Installers, Nothing We haven’t Seen in regards to sliding glass door repair or replacement

Replacing Sliding Patio Door Glass in Chicago is Our Specialty
Residential & Commercial Door & Repair

Other sliding glass door repair services in your area can take several days and even weeks to complete the job. At Galron Sliding Doors, we guarantee a quick analysis of the issue, on-site quote and immediate repair or replacement. Our inspections are thorough, so you can rest easy knowing that no surprise issues will pop up after we leave.

Common issues include track obstruction caused by accumulated dirt and debris. Over time, this obstruction will prevent the door from sliding smoothly and will eventually jam the door, rendering it unusable. Corrosion is also a typical issue in sliding door rollers, wheels and ball bearings, and demand professional attention and lubrication. Door misalignment and track distortion is another typical issue, often due to mishandling and use of excessive force. Make sure to handle your sliding glass door with care to prevent recurring problems. Even door latches can malfunction, but don’t worry! Galron Sliding Doors has a solution for any problem, and will repair or replace your damaged latch quickly and efficiently.

We offer window Lock and latch repair, handle repair or replacement, roller and ball bearing repair, track realignment or replacement, and much more.

Sliding Door Replacement Technique and Services

Galron Sliding Doors, we have been servicing customers in Greater Chicago for over a decade! There are many reasons why you may need your door glass replaced in your patio or balcony door: shattered glass, cracked glass, moisture between panes, or condensation. We can replace any sliding door glass panel whether its double pane, tempered, or laminated glass. Call today for a free estimate, we will have your sliding glass doors replaced same day!

Your sliding glass doors are a wonderful asset to your home. They provide natural sunlight and are perfect for patios or indoors. They open up space and allow you to create a flow throughout your home, and from the inside out.

But like all things, sliding glass doors can get worn or damaged. Our team of professionals can seal and repair for all types of sliding glass doors in the Chicago area. While it is tempting, you should never attempt sliding door repair by yourself. Always call in a professional for sliding glass door repair and maintenance service.

Patio Door Glass Replace and Repair Strategy – The Galron Glass & Door Repair Advantage

Replacement of a patio glass door is one of the most popular yet difficult types of door repairs. It’s difficult to replace patio door glass or window on your own; save time and money by getting it done properly with a certified pane glass repair and replacement specialist.

Galron Sliding Doors services has 6 locations in the area that have the highest value in home glass repair and replacement services. Get custom door or window glass solutions from the local professionals you know and trust.

What to Expect When Replacing Broken Sliding Patio Door Glass - Seal & Track Repair

When you call Galron Glass Door Replacement specialists for glass repairs or replacements (broken and old door glass), we make it easy for you to get the most out of your experience:

  • One of our window and door replacement or repair experts will come to your home for a consultation, take measurements of your patio doors, and assess the work that needs to be done at your home or commercial business.
  • We will include an upfront, flat-rate quote that includes pricing and project scope. We’ll arrange a follow-up installation appointment after you accept the quote. Double the service for one low, affordable price. 
  • We will clean up the work area after the patio doors have been removed and send you guidance on how to care for your new sliding doors

What is the best glass for a patio door?

When it comes to choosing the best glass for a patio door, look no further than the Galron Sliding Door in Chicago. Renowned for its exceptional quality and innovative design, the Galron Sliding Door offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for any patio space. The key feature that sets Galron apart is its use of high-performance glass that not only enhances natural light but also provides excellent insulation, making it an energy-efficient choice for your home.

Imagine enjoying the breathtaking views of Chicago through crystal-clear glass while ensuring your home remains comfortable year-round. Galron takes pride in utilizing cutting-edge technology to create a seamless sliding experience, making it effortless to transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The tempered glass not only adds an extra layer of safety but also minimizes the need for constant maintenance. With Galron Sliding Door, you’re not just investing in a door; you’re investing in a lifestyle that combines elegance with practicality, making your patio a true extension of your home. Elevate your living space with Galron, where style meets functionality in every slide.


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