This is a difficult barrier to overcome! Patio door barrier railing from Key-Link is ideal for multi-family homes that require a strong, code-approved railing. You can invite the outside in without being concerned about safety.

All use groups up to 8′ x 42″ are IBC-approved. and IRC-approved for single-story or two-story family homes up to 8′ x 36″.

Sliding glass and French doors are lovely additions to any home, but they are not without risk. They pose a safety issue because they can be difficult to secure, both in terms of keeping intruders out and keeping small children in. We’ve discovered the simplest and most effective ways to secure your patio doors without sacrificing aesthetics. You can contact sliding door repair near me to get the best services.

patio door barrier railing


How to Keep Your Sliding Glass Door Safe

Most people enjoy the natural light and views that their sliding glass doors provide, but those same views can make the doors dangerous. They provide a comprehensive look into your home, allowing anyone to see what you have and what might be worth taking. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that most sliding glass doors are located in backyards, where potential intruders can take their time scoping out a house without being noticed. Do I need a patio door barrier railing?

Covering your doors is a simple solution to this problem. Long, vertical blinds are popular because they are easy to open and close. However, these are prone to breaking, especially if you have pets or children. Sliding panels or shutters, which allow for opening and closing but aren’t as flimsy as vertical blinds, are also stylish options.

However, panels and shutters can quickly become prohibitively expensive. There are a million different kinds, but they all let in light while obscuring an outsider’s view and protecting your home from prying eyes.

2. Mount a Sliding Glass Door Lock

A sliding door lock is the most secure way to secure your sliding door. These locks are installed at the top of your door, where the stationary and sliding glass doors meet. These locks function in conjunction with the door locks and can only be opened by an adult or a tall child. They make it impossible to open the door from the inside or the outside. Most of these locks have two locking positions: one that locks the door completely shut and another that allows you to lock the door in place with 3 or 6 inches open to allow for ventilation. Installing these locks is slightly more difficult than the other items on our list.

After you’ve installed the top piece in the upper track, repeat the process for the locking piece on the door itself. You’ll position the lock, mark the locations where holes must be drilled, then drill the holes and secure the lock. (For more detailed instructions, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.) These are some of the most detailed instructions we’ve ever seen!)

These locks are both strong and subtle. Guests are unlikely to notice them, but your doors will be much safer and just as beautiful as before.

3. Purchase a Sliding Glass Door Security Bar

Remember going to your grandmother’s house and always having to pick up the dowel or broomstick she had lying in the sliding glass door track? She was doing her best to keep her house safe, but as any enterprising child can discover, jiggling the door hard enough can cause it to jump the track or move the stick. It’s not the ideal solution for home security, but it can suffice in a pinch.

One of the best ways to secure a sliding glass door is to keep it from sliding, and many different types of security bars. Typically, security bars are installed in the track of your sliding glass door. Charley bars are installed higher up the door and secured with screws on at least one end, allowing the bar to swing in and out of place. These are useful if you have small children who may tamper with a security bar in the track. (We’re looking at you, toddlers!)

All that remains is to install the security bar in the track of your sliding glass door and secure it with a pressure mounting system (like some shower curtain rods). Many models have padded ends to prevent the pressure from damaging your doors.

A security bar takes only two minutes to install. To screw in one side of the Charley bar, you’ll need a drill. After that, simply adjust the height of the bar and push it into place.

4. Purchase a Security Door Brace For Your Patio Doors

The beauty of Patio doors is that they not only let in light but also open wide for unobstructed views. They can, however, present unique security challenges. The locking mechanism, like that of sliding glass doors, isn’t always the strongest, and the amount of glass surrounding the lock makes it easy for a burglar to work around.

The best way to secure doors is to use a security brace to physically prevent them from opening. A brace can withstand a significant amount of force and pressure, and it will prevent the doors from opening by simply holding them in place. Even if the glass is broken and the doors are unlocked, a brace will keep them shut.

Door braces have two main parts and are another simple installation. At the base of the doors, one part screws into the floor. It should be centered across the opening of the doors and flush with the molding at the bottom of the door.

The second section slides in and out of place, pressing up against the middle where the doors meet. It’s only about 3 inches tall and 9 inches wide, but it’ll do the job. To open your doors, simply slide the second piece out of the way and place it on top of the door frame. If you have a tile or stone floor, you may need to hire a professional to install the brace because special screws and drill bits are required to work through those materials. Most homeowners can easily install a security brace on wood or laminate floors.

5. Install Intelligent Sensors

Consider installing electronic security if you want to take things a step further. These options are usually less effective at stopping a break-in, but they are excellent at alerting you or the police to one. The majority of electronic options are door sensors, and you can get door sensors that are part of a larger home security system. Intruders will be detected by these monitors by sounding an alarm or sending a notification to your phone.

You can also purchase independent monitors, also known as glass break detectors, for your sliding glass doors. Glass break sensors are simple to install directly on the door and will alert you if the glass is smashed. They aren’t ideal for keeping your doors closed, but they are excellent for alerting you when your doors are compromised.

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