Wide glass doors are great for adding a sense of openness and light to your house, but what if you want something a little more cocooning and privacy? We discovered some homes that have successfully used window treatments on their bifold, French, and sliding doors. Take a peek around to obtain some ideas for your own home.


Close the shutters.

If you enjoy the aesthetic of shutters on your windows, you can easily apply them to your patio doors as well. The white shutters are an excellent technique to control the quantity of light that enters the space without completely blocking it.


For patio doors, it’s better to opt with shutters on a tracking system, as this allows the panels to be folded back neatly.


Arrange them in a row.

For a set of bifold doors, roller blinds are a stunningly clean window covering. Hang one in each pane of glass and roll it up throughout the day to keep it out of sight.

The roller shades lined up along the sections may go unnoticed in this bright room, but they will provide much-needed seclusion in the evening.


Roman blinds can be used to soften the space.

Roman blinds provide the clean impression of a blind but with a softer appearance. The top of these broad bifold doors is framed by a gentle row of three blinds. The smooth fabric will drape over the windows in the evening, giving the space an exquisite, warm air.


To make Roman blinds work, pull them all up to approximately the same height — this will provide a streamlined look rather than a cluttered one.


Widen your horizons.

The disadvantage of hanging an individual blind in each pane of glass, as previously indicated, is that you must pull each one up to an even level for a tidy appearance. If you don’t like this idea, consider installing one large blind across the entire width of your doors. This type of blind would have to be produced to order, so it’s not the most cost-effective option. The finished look, on the other hand, is clean and streamlined, and it’s a lot less complicated in the long run.


Maintain the status quo.

Blinds can look a little too trendy on historic French windows like these. Instead, opt for curtains on a conventional rod for a more traditional look. These thick cream curtains are tied back to expose as much of the glazing as possible and are hung with eyelets along the pole. The light, neutral color blends perfectly with the frames and wall, creating a classic, elegant, and inconspicuous look.


Allow light to enter.

Consider sheer voiles instead of lined curtains for a look with just a hint of privacy (and no need for meters of thick fabric).


Because the rear wall is completely covered by these doors, thicker curtains on a conventional pole would have bunched up at the sides and obscured the light. The sheers, on the other hand, are far less bulky while still allowing light in.


Proceed around the turn.

You don’t want curtains dangling from your doorway, obstructing light? What about this ingenious design? The designers have installed a curving track that curves around the corners on both sides and runs along the surrounding walls. The curtains may be pulled back entirely out of the way, rather than a mass of bunched up cloth taking up space on the doors.


Use cloth with a double width.

This track is bent as well, but this time to accommodate bifold doors that wrap around a corner. This design is wonderful, but keep in mind that it would necessitate additional fabric. The designer who installed these curtains employed a clever approach of selecting a double-width fabric to get as much material as possible at a low cost.


Keep on one side of the road.

Because a wall of glazed doors may only have an empty area on one side, you’ll need to go with a single drape if you don’t want your drapes to take up space on the glass. That’s OK. The uneven position of the single curtain in this open-plan space actually helps to delineate the seating area.


Make some pleats.

Roller blinds can be replaced with pleated blinds, which are a softer, more stylish option. They can be installed in any place of the window and dragged up or down along the glass to give privacy while still allowing some light to pass through.


These blinds are frequently produced with a thermal coating, making them ideal for controlling the temperature in a cold environment.


Choose a long, slim silhouette.

A vertical blind might appear striking if you prefer the sleek simplicity of straight lines. The tall fabric slats of the vertical blind combine nicely with the modern space here, and light can still flood the room.


The beauty of blinds like this is that you can adjust them to be as open or closed as you want. When you want to open the window, the slats form a tidy pile on the side of the window frame.



Our patio doors serve as entrance points into our homes, allowing natural light and beauty to flood in. Despite the fact that patio doors provide a beautiful view of the garden (especially in the summer when the flowers are in full bloom and in the winter when the lawn is caressed with a thin layer of frost and snow), the doors are more practical than ornamental. But that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. In fact, with the right dressing that complements the area from which it looks out, your patio doors might easily be transformed into decorative elements, and the transformation can be both simple and inexpensive! We’ll look at a few options that could really bring your patio doors to life in this article.


Sliding Doors and Panels

Sliding panels are a great addition to a modern living room and are one of the most prevalent types of patio door installation. Vertical panels can be as long as 11 inches or as short as 24 inches, making them extremely adaptable. They can also be opened gradually, allowing a precise amount of light into the home. Sliding panels are ideal for offering a reasonable level of privacy (due to its opaque nature when closed) while also being incredibly cost-effective. They are available in a number of materials and patterns, so no matter what style of space you have, there will be a pair of panels to match.


Vertical blinds are a type of blind that is used to

Vertical blinds are by far the cheapest and most practical decoration. They can be matched to any interior design style and come in a variety of materials (from fabric to thin wood), so there are very few places where they won’t work. While many people may consider vertical blinds to be antiquated and ‘obvious,’ if you avoid the cheaper plastic designs, you should be able to make a good impression with them.


Screens made of shoji

The Japanese style shoji screens are a basic yet lovely solution that is significantly more unique. The screens are nothing more than rice paper sandwiched between wooden grids, but their simple design makes them very affordable, and the rice paper not only allows in a lot of natural light, but also provides surprisingly good insulation. As the sun moves across the sky, the pattern on your shoji screens will change, so you’ll never grow tired with them. Although it’s possible that shoji screens don’t provide as much privacy as other options, rice paper is fairly opaque.



Shutters are the most durable type of patio door décor and assist to reduce noise pollution, so they are a necessity if you live in a high-traffic region. Most shutters are moved along an overhead track and can be configured to function similarly to a sliding door, so they don’t protrude into the room uncomfortably.


Drapes & Curtains

This will give your space a significantly more formal appearance and is ideal for hanging in the winter because the heavier fabric will help trap heat. Because you’ll be adjusting the curtains frequently, a traverse rod is the preferred method of operation.


Window Films that are Frosted

Frosting your window with a bespoke graphic or frosting the glass totally is by far the most elaborate patio door decorating. It keeps prying eyes away from your home and gives an extremely professional vibe. However, the fact that frosted glass is difficult to see through may deter some individuals. As a result, frosted glass should only be considered if the view outside your patio door isn’t particularly appealing.



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