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You might consider replacing the rollers at the bottom of your glass sliding doors if the movement of your doors is stiff or uncontrollable. Even though replacing door rollers is not a difficult task, you will need first to remove the door from its frame. Whether your door is constructed of vinyl or metal, the installation process will differ. Keep in mind that doors are available in several styles, which might impact how you choose and place rollers in your door.

Sliding Glass door Rollers

1 If you have a screen door, you should take it down

Using a flat head screwdriver or putty knife, start by pulling the rollers up off the track. It will free them from the way. Lift the door off its tracks by grasping both sides of the door frame. Store the screen doors to the side until you are ready to replace them in a secure location.
When dealing with large and heavy doors, it is usually advisable to enlist the assistance of a professional. While removing the rollers from the track, the second person can keep the doors from closing on their own.

2 Remove the plate or track attached to the front of the glass door and set it aside for future use

To make glass doors secure, most of them will include a metal strip in front of them. Some plates are held in place with screws; in this case, you must first remove the screws before removing the container. Others can be raised simply by the act of being submitted. [1] If you cannot locate this plate, your door may be lacking one.
If you don’t have a screwdriver, you can use a drill to place the driver. To remove screws, turn the training in the other direction.

3Using a screwdriver, pry the head stops out of the way

Head stops are metal strips that run parallel to the top of the door and block the door from swinging open accidentally. The head stop is held in place by screws on both ends. Turn the screws in a counterclockwise direction until they can be withdrawn from the head stop. The head stop should come tumbling down when you have removed all of the screws. Some doors have brackets at the top of the door instead of a strip. In this case, remove the frames from the wall by undoing the screws holding them on.
Have someone else keep the door open for you once the head stop has been removed. The door could collapse and shatter if the head stop is not present.

4 The rollers can be raised by turning the adjustment screw counterclockwise

There will be two screws on the bottom of the majority of doors, near to the rollers, and they will be visible. Typically, the adjustment screw is located at the bottom of the screw. With a Phillips head screwdriver, turn the screw as far as it will go in the counterclockwise direction. It lifts the rollers inside the door, making removing the door from the track due to the lift.
When there is only one screw visible, it indicates that it is the adjustment screw.
In most cases, the colour of the adjustment screw matches the colour of the rollers; nevertheless, other screws may be a different colour. But you should also know how to repair sliding glass door rollers.

5 Raise the door and separate it from the track by pulling it up and out

Before you turn the upper half of the door toward you, grab either side of the door with both hands. Once the top of the door has been removed from the frame, lift the door up and out of the bottom track. If you want to prevent smashing the glass door, you may want to solicit the help of others. Check for any screws holding the door in place on either the top or bottom track if it is not lifting correctly.

6 A large table on which to place the door is a good idea in this situation

It is sufficient to have a foldable table or a pair of sturdy workbenches. It should be adequate to support the entire door frame and panel. In this way, the door will remain flat while the rollers are being replaced.

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