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Elements other than fit, design, kind of patio doors, and pricing should be considered when buying patio doors. Additionally, you’ll want to consider how your door encroaches on its surroundings as it opens and closes.
We’ve all encountered situations where a poorly designed door opening forced us to squeeze between the door and a wall! This situation is not exclusive to internal doors; unless you choose an outdoor sliding door that runs down a single plain, you must consider the direction in which your door will open.

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Is it necessary for exterior patio doors to open inward? The majority of exterior doors, particularly front doors, open inward. However, why is this? Three primary reasons justify inward opening doors:


Exterior doors are typically used to protect a home from invaders. Historically, outward-opening doors had their hinges on the outside, allowing crooks to destroy the hinges and altogether remove the door. Outward-opening doors are now covered at the hinges – yet they remain more vulnerable than inward-opening doors.
All of our French and bifold patio doors come equipped with a multipoint locking system. Our external bi-fold doors include Secured By Design-certified ironmongery – an incredible deal on any outdoor folding door. Are you looking to change sliding glass door repair in Chicago?


External doors that open outward are inherently more exposed to mother nature. A mighty wind may slam a pair of French patio doors shut with such force that it injures or shatters the glass. Outward-opening wood patio doors are also more vulnerable to rainwater than their inward-opening counterparts – especially if the top of the door is not polished with the same care as the front and back. However, these concerns can be minimized via prudent use and maintenance. All exterior patio doors come with a minimum of three layers of durable coating and are supported by a ten-year warranty.


In some instances, doors that open inward are safer than those that extend outward. In the event of a fire, rescuers will have an easier time smashing their way through an inward-opening door. Having a door open inward also eliminates the potential of opening it into the path of another person – a severe worry if the entrance opens directly out into a public space!

Bifold patio doors that open outward

If your home lacks both inside and exterior space, bifold patio doors may be the ideal solution. The concertina windows open outwards. Bifold doors glide into place along a track and fold neatly to the side of the doorway, conserving valuable outside space. When it comes to safety, security, and weatherproofing, bi-folding patio doors are unmatched.

Should Doors Open In Or Out

Shopping for choosing an exterior door can be more complex than it appears. In addition to evaluating the surrounding décor and the type of wood to use, you need to consider how your door will impact its surroundings as it opens and closes. Doors that open into tight places, after all, can make living challenging. Unless you choose a sliding door that runs down a single plain, you must consider the direction in which your door will open. Should patio doors open in or out?

Is It Necessary for External Doors to Open Inwards?

The vast majority of exterior doors will open inward. This is especially true in the case of front doors. When you get home, you unlock the door and push. Whoever heard of a front door that had to be yanked? But, no matter how frequently we enter a house by an inward-opening door, we rarely stop to consider why it’s inward-opening. Three significant considerations can explain the design’s popularity.


The primary function of an external door is to protect the property from intruders. Traditionally, outward-opening doors had to have their hinges on the outside. This allows crooks to destroy the hinges and remove the entire door. Outward-opening doors can now be found with shielded hinges, but they are still more vulnerable than inward-opening doors.

We should also note that, in the instance of a front door, opening it inward makes it easier to shut it on unwanted doorstoppers, who, if the door opened outward, would be already standing within its arc if they moved onto the doorstep. Inward-opening doors can also be outfitted with additional security elements such as locks and chains more simply.


A burst of wind may slam a set of French patio doors so violently that the glazing shatters – or so hard that anyone close would jump out of their skin. Outward-opening wooden doors are likewise more vulnerable to rainwater than inward-opening counterparts, especially if the top of the door hasn’t been polished with the same care as the front and back. After a significant snowstorm, you may also find it difficult to open an outward-opening external door, which could keep the person housebound for days.


In some cases, inward-opening doors are safer than outward-opening doors. It is easier for rescuers to bash their way through an inward-opening door in the event of a fire. Furthermore, opening the door inward eliminates the potential of extending it into the face of an unexpected caller on the other side. This concern is especially pressing if the entrance opens straight onto the pavement.


Most outdoor doors open inside rather than outwards for a good reason. However, this rule is not as rigid as it appears. If the circumstances of your home indicate that an outward-opening door would be preferable, you should have no trouble getting one put.


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