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Pocket Door Repair, Installation & Door Replacement

A pocket door slides into a wall cavity when not in use. Standard doors are set on rollers that glide along an overhead track. As long as the hardware can support the door’s weight, almost any door may be turned into a pocket door. Pocket doors are easy to repair, replace, or add to new construction or an extensive remodeling project where the walls are already open but can be expensive in an existing home, depending on the space available next to the doorway, the location of any electrical or plumbing lines, and the amount of drywall or other wall covering that must be removed and then replaced. Our Galron Sliding Door Experts can assist you in this and more. Just call (708)206-9646 for more information and assistance! Our call center is ready to take your call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Our Chicago sliding door company known as Galron Sliding Doors deliver excellent services with 00% satisfaction guaranteed with great reviews and a 5-star rating to back it up. Schedule Today!

pocket door repair chicago

Door Installation Chicago | Regular Doors VS Pocket Doors

Depending on the kind and features, a basic hinged interior door costs $60 to $1,000. A pocket door doesn’t cost much more than a pre-fitted internal door with a cut handle hole.

The main difference is the door installation cost. A pocket door installation costs $1,000 to $3,500. Professionals charge $150-$200 to hang a typical model. Depending on your region, a pre-hung unit may cost $100 to $150 more if the original frame is in bad shape.

Easier Installation

  • Pocket doors are harder to install than hinged doors. Boxed roller doors need a wall framework to make their compartment. Doors may need a hinge and latch inletting. Compared to hanging a pocket door, they are small operations.

Sound & Insulation

  • Standard doors provide better insulation and soundproofing than pocket doors. This improves soundproofing and airflow management.


  • Swinging doors require extra space. To function, they require 10 square feet. Lateral doors use no floor space.

Wall Size

  • Open doors take up wall space. A pocket door allows for decoration or furnishings.


  • One caveat makes both doors equally durable. Pocket door hardware determines its durability. Standard doors outlast cheap tracts. Exterior pocket doors need careful installation and a sturdy frame for watertight sealing.

Sliding Doors: Chicago Repairs Replacement & Maintenance

  • You must lubricate, tune, and clean the tracks and rollers. Half the track within the wall is difficult. Repairs might cost $150 to $350.

Resale Pricing and POI

Pocket units increase ROI and resale value. Although pocket door cost-return data is lacking, Galron Sliding Doors installation Chicago sliding door repair and installation experts helps properties sell faster. Sliding styles provide individuality and convenience to your house, which can help sell it. We believe barn door installation offers the same benefits as pocket doors at a lower cost. 

Pocket Doors Cost | Commercial Door Repair

Pocket doors are rarely repaired or replaced in commercial buildings, but the cost might be as much as $3,500. Replacement doors cost $60 to $1,000 for handmade, hand-carved versions.

Hardware issues can be costly. Hardware kits cost $65 to $350 without work. Handy homeowners can replace most doors’ top rollers. Damaged tracks may need reopening the wall.

Call Chicago, il Galron Sliding Doors at (708)206-9646 for more on pocket doors and other sliding door solutions used for repairs, replacements, and door installations. You can also get in touch with a local door installation Chicago, il sliding glass doors company for commercial door repair,  residential sliding door installation services, and other assistance. Also, get help and answers about patio door repair and garage door replacement, and door installation.

How Much Does Pocket Door Repair Cost?

  • A sliding door installation or pocket door repairs cost $400-$1,000 (labor and materials) for a straightforward installation in new construction or if the walls are already removed for a remodeling project, but can cost $1,000-$3,500 or more (especially if walls must be torn open in an existing house) depending on local rates, the materials chosen, and the complexity of the project. Installing a pocket door can cost two to five times as much as installing the identical door on hinges since the wall opening must be twice as large as the door (so it can be tucked away in the wall and obscure the doorway).
  • Depending on door size, materials, and frame weight capacity, DIY pocket door kits cost $60-$400 but are common $100-$150. The Johnson Hardware 1500 Series Pocket Door Frame supports doors up to 30″x80″ and 200 pounds for $110-$150, while the 2000 Series holds doors up to 48″x90″ and 300 pounds for $290-$340. Most pocket door systems available at home improvement shops or lumberyards include a jamb, hanger track, hardware, and a pre-made cage that, when framed with lightweight lumber, produces the wall pocket. Online sellers provide pocket door hardware kits that need additional labor (rather than being pre-assembled, the frame is created using thin steel-reinforced studs). With any pocket door arrangement, additional expenses apply for timber and the door ($25-$100 for a regular internal door, $200-$500 for a solid wood door). Depending on supplies, DIY pocket door installation costs $100-$500 or more.
  • says replacing a pocket door takes an hour and costs $100-$250 in supplies. A handyman or worker can repair a pocket door for $200-$400, depending on local rates, supplies, and work needed.

Pocket Door Shopping | What To Look For?

  • Steel roller pocket doors can be loud and jump the tracks; seek axle-mounted nylon or ball-bearing rollers and metal tracks instead. Tips for choosing a pocket door may be found on
  • Pocket door frames and kits are available in lumberyards and home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, as well as online merchants such as Amazon. Alternatively, the American Window and Door Institute can help you find a local door and window vendor.
  • If you’re hiring an installation, be sure they’re fully insured, bonded, and licensed, and check their references.
Call our chicago sliding patio door repair company at (708)206-9646 for more services and assistance on pocket door repair, installation, and other sliding doors. Request a Free Quote for your home project and services today!

Sliding Pocket Door Replacement & Repair | Tools You May Need

  • Is your once-dependable pocket doors no longer smoothly opening and closing? A simple lubrication routine may be all that’s required to bring it back in shape, but if the hardware is faulty, you may need to remove the doors entirely and replace the broken pieces. You should be able to mend a pocket door in the afternoon if you have the necessary equipment and basic DIY abilities. Continue reading and let us assist you in what tools and materials you may need for a successful installation and door repair!


To complete the task, you will require the following tools and materials:
  • Hammer and Nail (Nail gun-optional)
  • Level
  • Putty blade
  • A pry bar
  • Screwdriver
  • Spotlight
  • a measuring tape
  • The drywall saw
  • Drill without a cord


  • Drywall solution
  • J-track
  • Rollers for pocket doors
  • Tracks
  • 2″ by 6″ wooden plank
  • Shims

When pocket doors don’t operate correctly, one of two things might be wrong: the tracks may be broken, or the rollers may be worn out or have gone off the track. Fortunately, these typical problems may be quickly resolved, reducing the need to acquire a new door system. For additional information about pocket doors installation, patio doors sliding glass doors, and more contact our Chicago Galron Sliding Doors at (708)206-9646.

Can you replace a pocket door without removing drywall?

Have you ever wondered if you can replace a pocket door without the hassle of removing drywall? The answer is yes, and it can be a game-changer for both convenience and aesthetics. Imagine updating your living space without the mess and disruption of traditional door replacements. At Galron Sliding Door, we specialize in providing top-notch pocket door repair services, making the process seamless and stress-free.

Our dedicated team of experts at Galron understands the importance of preserving your home’s interior while enhancing functionality. Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Chicago or enjoying the serene views of Lake Michigan, our pocket door repair services cater to your needs. We are not just a repair company – we are an installation and maintenance service that takes pride in delivering high-quality results. With our expertise in pocket door repair, your West, North, or Park views remain uninterrupted during the restoration process. Choose Galron Sliding Door for a reliable and efficient solution that transforms your living space without the need for extensive repairs.

Pocket Sliding Door Repair & Installation | One-On-One

Unlatch The Door

Raise The Door Off Its Track.

Examine The System For Defects

Replace Worn-Out Rollers

Remove Defective Tracks

Set Up A New Track

Test Out New Install

Set up the Door

Adjust For Perfect Fit

Redo Drywall

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to break into the drywall if you only want to replace a pocket door or remove it to repair it! That’s fantastic news. You only need to raise the door off the sliding track. To do so, you must first remove the trim surrounding the door.

Traditionally, older pocket doors are set on a “j-track.” To remove a pocket door from a j-track, tilt the bottom out and raise the door straight up, releasing the wheels from the track. Once this has been accomplished, remove the pocket door from its hollow.

Yes! Almost any interior or outdoor door may function as a pocket door.

It is advisable to incorporate both a flush pull and an edge pull with your pocket door so that it may be opened and closed with ease.

If you have the necessary wall space, pocket doors might be the perfect addition to your house. Hopefully, these responses may address some of your questions! If you have any further questions or concerns concerning pocket doors, please contact us. We are delighted to assist!

When it comes to pocket doors, metal hardware is the finest. Objects may be mounted more securely when metal is used.

Minor mistakes can impair the movement of the pocket door, thus utilizing firm hardware is recommended.

It’s a sliding (also known as slider or rolling) door that “disappears” into a place inside the wall when opened. To open and shut these doors, they are hung from the top of a recessed track in the door frame and moved across.

Some are tied to the ground alone, while others are fastened to both the ground and the ceiling if the door is heavy and larger than typical. Pocket doors are useful when there isn’t enough space for a hinged door that swings open and closes.

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