Red Oak Nature Center

As you are aware, we have been exploring the great outdoors and have set a goal of exploring at least one new trail per week. We happened to be in the Batavia area, so I couldn’t pass up a visit to Red Oak Nature Center. This is an excellent location for first-time hikers. For example, there are fun activities for children such as a cave and the nature-based playground at Lippold Park. There are beautiful views of the Fox River and a boardwalk with plenty of photo opportunities for parents. Continue reading to learn more about our visit to Red Oak Nature Center.

Fox Valley Park District provides numerous opportunities to have fun, learn more, be active and creative, and enjoy new experiences. We also connect you to the joys, lessons, and wonders of nature at Red Oak.

Red Oak Nature Center, located on the east bank of the Fox River in North Aurora, is the region’s premier facility for nature and conservation education. The nature center, which is surrounded by more than 40 acres of lush forest and wildlife habitat, is the ideal destination for anyone interested in learning more about the great outdoors.

Among the highlights are:

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