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Patio Door - Sliding Door Lock Replacement

Why Galron Sliding Doors?

  • Estimates are provided at no cost.
  • There is no service charge.
  • Same-Day Service is available.
  • Patio door glass replacement (we arrive equipped with all of the parts necessary to repair your sliding patio door)
  • Professional locksmiths
  • Locally owned and operated business
  • Licensed, insured, and subjected to a background investigation
  • Only high-quality replacement parts are used (patio rollers, patio track, patio door handles, patio door locks, new patio door glass, etc.)
  • There is nothing we haven’t seen before when it comes to sliding glass door and glass door lock replacement by experienced installers.

Locks: Change and Replace

The following are the most prevalent reasons why a new lock will need to be installed:

  • Upgrade your locks For insurance purposes, you must upgrade your locks.
  • Keys misplacedYou have misplaced your house keys, or someone has a key that key should not be there, contact our locksmiths.
  • The lock is faulty or damagedThis means that the lock is malfunctioning or damaged, and that it is beginning to be unreliable and difficult to work then contact our locksmiths.
  • Changed jobs or moved into a new homeChanged jobs or moved into a new home/flat/apartment.

Protect Your Residence And Business

Patio door locks are a particularly popular target for intruders since they are frequently simpler to manipulate than other types of locks. Many people also opt not to replace a weak or damaged lock on their patio doors, or they choose to leave their patio doors open. Not only does this provide an opening for intruders, but it may also make it too easy for a young child to escape from the house.

Galron Sliding Doors offers a wide range of patio door lock services to ensure that your property is safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more. These are some examples:

Lock Repair – It is our team’s responsibility to ensure that any problems with your patio door lock are resolved and that your lock closes easily and securely.

Lock Replacement – We can also assist you if your sliding glass door or window lock is not functioning properly, or if you’d like to install a stronger and more secure lock on your sliding glass door. Our locksmiths does it all.

Safety Bars – Also available are professional safety bars, which can be installed to prevent the sliding glass door from opening even a small amount.

Repair of Sliding Door Locks, Chicago

Patio doors and sliding doors lock repair are two things that, like many other things in your home, can break or become old and no longer perform properly. Is it difficult to open your sliding doors? It indicates that you require maintenance, repair sliding glass or restoration of your sliding/patio doors. Galron Sliding Doors is a company that specialises in sliding door repair, impact sliding doors, sliding glass door repair, and many other types of sliding doors. Upon arrival at your home, our skilled mobile team of technicians and locksmiths will be armed with a large choice of all original parts for any sliding door or patio door, sliding glass door, impact sliding door, and more; we have it all. Your doors should be easy to slide open, and we will make certain that you do not require anything more than a little push to move your doors open or close in either direction. We provide service to the entire Chicago. 

Easy Door Repair, Installation And Replacement

If your sliding door is not operating well, it is time to contact Galron Sliding Doors for assistance and door repair door. The use of our specialised state-of-the-art tools and equipment may completely restore your sliding glass door, including the replacement of broken sections that allow it to open and close with a single touch! doors electric doors

Our experienced crew makes your sliding door problem appear to be a simple one. Because of our large inventory, we are able to complete the majority of sliding door lock repairs on the spot. We also provide doors electric doors servicing.

We have been in the city of Chicago for a long time and are well-known. Please contact us immediately for any emergency assistance or to book an appointment so that you can get yourself out of the bind. The Galron Sliding Doors crew is standing by, waiting for your call.

Galron Sliding Doors is a licenced, bonded, and insured company, which means your property is protected.

Commercial Door Repair And Lockout

We understand that being locked out of your place of business or some commercial store can be irritating and even frightening, but you can rely on Galron Sliding Doors to get you back in as soon as possible in the right way and provide commercial door repair! Our emergency Chicago locksmith crew is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with any lockout problem. Simply phone us and one of our emergency locksmith service vans will be on its way to you. When you’re locked out of your house, you can call on the locksmith services of Galron Sliding Doors to get you back north.
Keep in mind that your safety and security are always of paramount significance, which is why choosing between service providers and locksmiths in an emergency situation might be a difficult decision. Be cautious about who you call because there are many “scams” out there! A challenging situation can be made a little bit easier by using Galron Sliding Doors to your advantage. We are dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge residential and business locksmith services available in the area. Nobody should be forced to wait when it comes to their own or their family’s safety, which is why we take great pleasure in our quick response times to commercial lockouts and other emergencies.


Galron Sliding Doors, Chicago is a full-service locksmith company that offers a variety of locksmith services including replacement lock and lock installation. For both commercial and residential clients, our comprehensive locksmith services range from simple rekeying and duplicate keys to card access systems, full door replacements or installation, doors industrial doors and fully integrated master key locks systems. Contact us today to learn more about our locksmith services. When it comes to providing professional locksmith services while maintaining the brand-focus of a friendly environment, we take great pride in the abilities of our nationwide teams. We consider our company to be an installation and fusion of old-school ideals and new-age technology, resulting in a blend that provides the latest and best technology while maintaining a friendly and neighborly attitude toward our customers. Our locksmith Will take care of whatever is on your doorstep. Whether your lock or locks of the door is as old as the house itself or you are looking for a fully loaded Card Access lock System for your business, we have what you need, a locksmith commercial locksmith. Mortise locks and deadbolt locks are some of the locks our locksmith provide. Contact us today for a lock change .

Door repair, Lock Repair Service, Chicago

Chicago sliding doors require repair work for their handles, locks, lock replacement and door mechanisms on a regular basis. Because sliding patio doors are frequently utilised, it is normal for the locks to become jammed or to fail completely. So it frequently require patio door repair or locks installation. Patio door locks are essential for keeping your patio doors safe and secure.

Make sure your sliding door lock is functioning properly so that you don’t put yourself or others in danger. installation of or replacing the handle, lock/locks, and hook bolt locking mechanism is a simple task for a professional of Galron Sliding Doors, Chicago. We can install or repair all lock/locks types on all sliding door brands and models, regardless of their manufacturer.

Rapid response, dependability, and professionalism are hallmarks of our personnel. Galron Sliding Doors, Chicago have all of the tools and equipment necessary for installation or repair of your lock/locks fast and accurately.

If your sliding door does not lock properly, it is critical that you repair the lock of the door or do a lock replacement. While you may be under the impression that installation of new lock is necessary or you need to replace your lock, it is conceivable that you only need to change the hook bolt mechanism of the lock. Contact Galron Sliding Doors, Chicago.

Glass Door Security Issues

Patio doors are a wonderful addition to any home because they allow for a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living environments and provide security. They also contribute to the brightness of your room and provide you with a beautiful view of your yard. They, too, must be equipped with reliable and high-quality lock, just like your front door for better security. installation of good locks is an important matter in terms of security. doors sliding glass.

Sliding Door Locks That Have Broken – Mortise lock are the most common type of lock installation found on patio doors that can provide good security. They are also the most expensive lock. They are a strong lock, but they have a tendency to break and bend with time. If the lock on your sliding door malfunctions, it is best to have the lock replaced so that your security is not compromised. To inspect the condition of your mortise lock, remove it from the door along with the handle and inspect it. Usually, there are a few tiny screws hidden inside the lock and handle that hold it to the door. You should inspect the latch for bends or damage, and if there are any problems with the lock, you will need to consider the installation or replace the lock with a brand new one and ensure better security.

Locks for the Protection of Children and Pets – The best installation of lock on your patio door are determined by your lifestyle and current financial situation. Make sure your lock is out of reach of your pets and children in order to ensure security and keep them safe from harm. In order to keep intruders out, look for locks that are resistant to tampering and picking. Generally speaking, the most difficult lock to break are those that have keys. They provide good security. Having at least one installation of lock in your home can help to increase the overall security of your property.


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