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Sliding glass doors are not just functional elements in your home; they also contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal. These doors seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a sense of openness and allowing natural light to flood your living areas. Over time, sliding glass doors can face various issues, such as misalignment, jamming, or worn-out components.

At Galron Sliding Doors, we understand the value of maintaining the beauty and functionality of your sliding glass doors, ensuring they enhance the appeal of your home while providing practical benefits. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and address these problems effectively.

Whether it’s adjusting the rollers, replacing the tracks, or repairing the locking mechanisms, we strive to restore your sliding glass doors to their optimal condition, ensuring smooth operation and enhancing the overall appeal of your home.

Our Patio Door Installation & Sliding Glass Door Repair Worth IL.

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Lake Forest, IL

Sliding Glass Door Repair Services

Our sliding glass door repair services cover a wide range of issues, including misaligned doors, stuck rollers, and broken locks. We are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to diagnose and resolve these problems efficiently, ensuring your sliding glass doors operate smoothly and securely.

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Rolling Meadows, IL

Sliding Glass Doors Replacement Service

In cases where sliding patio door repair is no longer feasible or cost-effective, we offer sliding glass door replacement services. Our team will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the perfect door that complements your home's style and meets your functional needs.

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Waukegan, IL

Lock / Handle Installation & Replacement Worth

Faulty locks or worn-out handles can compromise the security and functionality of your sliding glass doors. Our technicians can expertly replace these components, ensuring your doors are secure and easy to operate.

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Westchester, IL

Track Repair / Replacement

Damaged or warped tracks can cause your sliding glass doors to stick or become difficult to operate. Our team can repair or replace the tracks, ensuring smooth and effortless door movement.

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Park Ridge, IL

Roller Repair / Replacement

Worn-out or damaged rollers can lead to issues with sliding glass door operation, potentially causing further damage. Our technicians can replace or repair the rollers, restoring the smooth gliding motion of your doors.

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Oak Lawn, IL

Glass Replacement & Repair

Cracked or broken glass in your sliding glass doors can pose a safety hazard and detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home. We offer professional glass replacement services, ensuring your doors not only look great but also provide the necessary protection and insulation.

patio door weather proofing

Sliding Patio Door Repair & Water Proofing

Water leaks around your patio doors can lead to moisture damage and potential mold growth. Our patio door installation, glass windows, door repairs and waterproofing services will seal any gaps or openings, preventing water infiltration and protecting your home from water-related issues.

screen door replacmenet chicago

Sliding Door & Windows Screen Replacement

In cases where your existing sliding doors are beyond repair or no longer meet your needs, we offer complete sliding door replacement services. We will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the perfect doors that enhance the style and functionality of your home.

weatherproofing energy sliding door

Patio Doors Air Draft Repairs

Air drafts around your patio doors can lead to energy inefficiency and discomfort. Our air draft repair services will identify and address any gaps or openings, ensuring your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient.

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Hear From Our Most Recent Customers

Dimitri Cummings
Dimitri Cummings
14:44 22 Feb 20
My deck door was fine, but the handle made it look outdated. I had no idea that it could be replaced. Now it looks as... though I have a brand new sliding more
Chase Mosher
Chase Mosher
14:50 20 Feb 20
It was drafty in my basement because the air was getting in through my sliding patio door. I tried to fix it with an as... seen on tv door thing but that didn't work. Ron came to my home and had it nice and toasty in my basement in a matter of minutes. I didn't know that it was a repairable issue, I thought I had to get a whole new door. He also told me that if air can get in so can water, but I won't have to worry about that more
Milton Barnes
Milton Barnes
08:55 19 Feb 20
My sliding door was kicked in during a break-in and glass was everywhere. I called Galron and they sent someone out the... next day to replace the glass and they repaired the track. I have no complaints. They have completely satisfiedread more
Sal S
Sal S
23:33 29 Nov 19
Ron made this repair so easy and quick and affordable I almost wish I had more doors for repair! He’s also super nice... honest and knowledgeable. Definitely went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you for a job well more
Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez
13:13 20 Sep 19
I thought it would take them all day to replace my sliding patio door, but it didn't! The sliding door installation was... quick and painless in cost! I recommend this company!read more
Matthew Michell
Matthew Michell
12:17 17 Sep 19
I normally wouldn't leave a review on a service unless I was unsatisfied, but I am really happy with the quality of... work I received from Galron and I want them to see that I am. They did my patio door repair and did a quick more
Joshua Tom
Joshua Tom
15:56 13 Sep 19
I've been thinking about trying to do my own sliding door repair but I am so glad I found Galron they came out the next... day and repaired my more
Ronald Arriaga
Ronald Arriaga
13:54 11 Sep 19
I truly appreciate the quick and excellent sliding door installation, the service was excellent! Even the young man... that set my appointment was really more
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Galron Patio Doors Service Area Near You Worth Illinois

We serve residential & commercial sliding door customers throughout Crystal Lake, Fox Lake, Lake Beach, and the entire Illinois Metro area.

Worth, IL, often referred to as “The Friendly Village,” is a charming suburban community. Worth has grown from its modest beginnings into a vibrant village that offers a blend of residential tranquility and commercial vitality. The village is known for its welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal place for families and individuals seeking a close-knit community. Worth features several parks, recreational areas, and a well-maintained golf course, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and leisure.

Economically, Worth benefits from its strategic location near major highways and public transportation routes, facilitating easy commutes to neighboring suburbs. This accessibility has attracted a variety of businesses, ranging from local shops and restaurants to larger enterprises, contributing to the village’s economic health and diversity.

As a leading contractor for sliding glass door repair in Worth, IL, Galron Sliding Doors is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your sliding glass doors are functioning at their best. Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of functional and aesthetically pleasing sliding glass doors, and we strive to restore their quality and functionality.

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Ron Lachman, Owner

Ron’s quality of work and business relationships are influenced by his commanding military background and his conviction to serve his technicians and customers like they are family. His work ethic stems from the principle that the military taught him, “sleep less, work more.” It is that work ethic that has caused him to visit every single project over the last seven years, to make sure that every project was done the right way and that the client is happy and satisfied.

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A Leading Contractor for Sliding Glass Door Installation and Repair in Worth, IL.

At Galron Sliding Doors, we take pride in being a leading contractor for sliding glass door repair in Worth, IL. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your sliding glass doors not only function flawlessly but also enhance the beauty and value of your home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the Galron Sliding Doors difference.

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