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Bob Olson began skiing and working part-time at Viking when it first opened, and he just kept going. Bob and his wife, Carol, bought the store from the previous owner. Steve, their son, is in charge of the Barrington store.
The variety of products we offer, as well as our superior customer service, are critical to Viking’s success. Viking is a custom boot fitting, custom footbed, and expert tuning company. The ski industry has consistently rated us as one of the best ski shops in the country.
Many things have changed over the years. Skis have come in all shapes and sizes, from long to short to long to shaped. Skis have been made from wood, metal, fiberglass, and a variety of other materials. Boots have progressed from leather and laces to technological marvels. Clothing has had its ups and downs, and it has even survived neon. Snowboarding introduced a whole new generation of mountaineers to the sport. And now, the new shapes revolution is threatening to reshape the way we ski.
Some things remain constant. We still have the same philosophy at Viking Ski Shop as we did when we first opened our doors. We provide our customers with the best products, the best prices, and the best service! We only wanted to stay in business when we first opened. Today, we’re still here thanks to thousands of loyal customers – some of whom are the children and grandchildren of people who were with us from the beginning! Thank you for the great times we’ve had over the last 50 years.

Carol Frank
Bought a patio table, chairs, umbrella, and glider from Steve at Viking and was very impressed by the excellent customer service we received. The delivery men were very nice and showed me how everything worked and gave me tips on maintenance. I highly recommend Viking and would definitely return again!

Thomas Alter
Strong businesses are identified in how they handle situations when something doesn’t go quite as planned for their customers. I was fit in a pair of boots back in December that were admittedly a bit small and were causing some toe bang. We punched out the front of the boot and tried to make it work, but ultimately a new boot was necessary. Paul took care of me and got me set up in a new set of boots and took back my “old” boots that could no longer be sold to a future customer. Happy with the white glove customer service here.


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