Types of Patio or Balcony Doors

When you are selecting the right patio door for your home, you are choosing to help increase the value of your home as well as enhance its architectural appearance. Here is a guide to patio door types to discover the benefits and options available to you with each type of patio door.

While the majority of people who plan to renovate their home will focus on home additions, including patio doors is something that needs to be seriously considered for each and every project. Some may be surprised to learn that, since people place more emphasis on the material (fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, wood, or even frameless), which does not occur in the construction phase, it can be chosen at a later stage when compared to how early it is selected.

The kind of door follows the plans drawn up by the architect, and they both have to reconfigure the building to fit the operational style of the door. Depending on the style of patio door you desire, you can choose from various different types of patio doors, such as sliding, French, pivot, folding, vertical, stacking, or corner.

Whether you are getting your house built from the ground up or having it remodeled, you’ll be guided by your personal preferences. A house built prior to 1940 will need to be renovated differently than a newly constructed house, as the old house may already have existing structural characteristics.

What’s a Balcony or Patio Door?

The definition of a patio door is that it is a large glass-paned door that is used to connect and separate indoor and outdoor living spaces while allowing sunlight to enter the house.

Purpose of a Patio Door

A living space that integrates indoor and outdoor spaces is very popular today, and it is common for patio doors to open wide to facilitate this type of residence. Their function as an extension of the ground, as well as providing a seamless path to the backyard, includes the provision of natural light that helps to create the perception of a larger interior space. If you want to, you can give your objects a more decorative appearance by using a more elaborate material.

Considerations of Various Door Types – Bathroom and also Home

Although aesthetics should not be the only consideration, there are other factors to consider when selecting the type of patio door. People with kids or people who host a lot of parties use this door all the time, but it is also the most used door in the house, especially for those who love barbecues. In addition to the factors listed above, other aspects that should be considered when choosing a patio door type include convenience and ease of opening and closing.

Additionally, you will also have to draw a line between the size of the door you want. You can transform your entire wall into a patio door if you wanted to. However, that could result in the door overheating in the summer and becoming too cold in the winter unless you select energy-efficient doors.

In larger homes, a huge patio door or multiple patio doors often opens the home to a larger number of entry points, which makes the home potentially unsafe. As well as being visually appealing, you also have to think about energy efficiency, ease of use, and safety.

Before you begin any renovations, you should investigate local rules and regulations regarding safety standards and the installation of energy-efficient fixtures. It’s a better idea to opt for double-glazed glass, as it is more energy-efficient and substantially more secure and durable than standard glass.

Regardless of whether you are replacing an old patio door with a new one, you don’t have to have the exact same design. You can investigate alternative structural styles to see which one your existing structure would be able to accommodate with a few modifications. Whether you want a screened patio or an uncovered patio, there are numerous design options to choose from as long as you need the functions.

When we talk about functionality, we are not simply discussing how easy a piece of software is to use. It should fit naturally into the design and décor of the home, allow in natural light, and let in fresh air while at the same time utilizing the maximum amount of space. Instead of simply making random suggestions, we made an effort to reach out to the manufacturers.

When it comes to patio doors, they all work in the same manner, but the manufacturers make money off the fact that each door bears a different moniker. To provide the most comprehensive categorization, we developed a very structured list of types of patio doors, which we offer to consumers in the following list, so they can learn about the different kinds of patio doors and make an informed choice.

Different Type of Patio Door Options

Patio doors typically fall into two categories: those that have hinges, and those that slide. The patio doors come in two varieties. One offers different benefits to your home, while the other has distinct features. You should take into consideration the amount of space that is available around your patio door in order to determine which style is suitable for you. swing-in patio doors take up more room, as they open and close by swinging in or out. A sliding patio door allows you to have more functional space around your patio door, as it opens by sliding on a track.

In addition to considering your own needs, you’ll also want to consider the location of your patio door for security purposes. A prime example is hinged patio doors, which typically include a deadbolt as part of the assembly and which could be a great option if your patio is located near a busy street. Sliding patio doors have a different locking mechanism and may be a better option if you want to enjoy a backyard view. When it comes to providing peace of mind, every kind of patio door has its own unique locking mechanism.

Hinged (French) Patio Doors

For those who are new to the architectural field, the term may not have a precise definition. For those who prefer a more general explanation, a French door is a type of pair of hinged doors with glass panels spanning over most of the door’s height. You are able to customize the opening angle of your faucet, either open or closed. When it comes to doors, swing or hinged are two of the most popular alternatives, with doors made out of these two types of materials being known as “swing” or “hinged” doors. While traditional and modern contemporary styles may use these patio doors, other home styles can utilize this type of patio door. Everything is contingent on the actual window design.

An extra attractive feature of French patio doors is that they serve both as an entry and exit point as well as a highly prized decorative feature. While it is certainly beautiful, it is just as impressive in another way. It is a mechanism for letting in lots of natural light and fresh air, as well as improving the quality of life in the surrounding areas. It is also possible to include sidelights in order to admit additional light, as shown in the image below.

Because of their strength and security, hinged (French) French doors are a popular choice for balcony doors. They open on hinges, just like a regular door. French doors are typically sold in sets of two or three panels, but only one of them opens. The other is essentially a full-length door window.

French doors are available in standard sizes ranging from 30 to 72 inches wide, with sizes available in two-inch increments. Custom hinged balcony doors, on the other hand, can be made for an additional fee. Depending on the quality of the door, exterior French balcony doors can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 plus installation fees. If your entry is a unique size, custom-sized doors can cost up to $10,000.


Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding balcony doors are an excellent choice for saving space, whether indoors or outdoors. They do not require as much clearance as hinged doors because they do not swing open. As a result, you can place furniture or other items closer to the door without fear of being hit by the swinging motion.

Standard sliding doors range in width from 60 to 72 inches but can be made smaller or wider to meet your specific requirements. Dual sliding doors, which have two different sliding mechanisms, are also available. These doors should cost between $1,000 and $3,000, not including installation.

Because of the simplicity of the locking mechanism, sliding doors are more difficult to secure than hinged or French doors. There are methods for securing a sliding door, such as inserting a bar inside the sliding track to prevent the door from being opened or inserting a removable bolt through the door’s base.

Sliding doors, which are a type of glass panel set on a sliding rack, are almost always used. There are numerous dimensions of tables that can be accommodated; the amount of panels correlates to the amount of available space. There are also different operating modes to choose from, and you can choose from pocket doors, lift and slide, stacking, or a sliding mechanism of the common variety.

Most sliding door types can be broken down into three types: the two-panel style, which has a narrow opening; the three-panel style, which has a standard width; and the three-panel style, which is widest.

With sliding patio doors, you have various customization options to choose from. If you choose, you can install a longer sliding rail, integrated shade, and even add oversized panels. A factor to consider when making the decision to install sliding doors is that they function well even in smaller spaces. These so-called “easy-to-assemble” outdoor sets have virtually no prerequisites and can be customized to fit even the smallest patios while not diminishing the surrounding space.

While some of the modern sliding doors feature large panes of glass to allow in the maximum amount of sunlight, these can also make a room feel too bright. Though the increased weight does necessitate the use of a lift and slide door operation, you can choose to have one of the doors open all the way.

Because of the enormous glass panel, the room seems to be larger than it is. It is possible to choose a low-E glass to assist with energy efficiency because it shields all ultraviolet light and maintains the color of the furniture and carpet.

Stacking (Sliding) Patio Doors

A simple sliding door has one or two sliding sliders. Three or more sliding sliders is the equivalent of a piling sliding door. A patio door is made up of multiple panels, and these panels have their own railings. Therefore, when you open the door, the panels all stack in parallel (on top of each other). If you enjoy entertaining and live in a warm climate, using an outdoor fire pit is a fantastic idea. Additionally, you get a variety of frame material options, including frameless designs, which are showcased below. It’s possible to have your windows weather-stripped to help save on energy costs.

Pocket Sliding Patio Doors

This Pocket sliding door is an apparatus that allows you to conceal the sliding panels in a cavity in the wall. This allows the full width of the door to be opened. The system is ideal for both indoors and outdoors and allows a seamless transition between the two.


Bifold Doors

A folding door is a door that folds and stacks together either inwards, outward, or on itself. Also known as Stack & Slide Doors, this door style is utilized when building decks or rooms, which resembles the concept of stacking sliding doors. However, while stacking sliding doors hang parallel in front of the first one, the panels in the folding doors fold over and stack vertically, freeing up as much of the space as possible. This particular type of opening technology, the accordion-style and even moving glass walls, are known to customers as accordion-style and even moving glass doors. Regardless of whether it is being called a generic or a top-of-the-market product, this item is in the upper range of the market.

Bifold balcony doors fold up against themselves like an accordion. They are ideal for areas with limited space because they do not require much space to open. They provide a contemporary look if that is what you want for your home. Bifold doors frequently include a hinged door so that you don’t have to open the entire folding system for quick entry and exit.

These doors have a dual-locking feature for added security. They’re ideal for extra-wide openings because they provide panoramic views of the balcony and surrounding area. The majority of bifold doors are made of aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl.

A standard set of three bifold doors ranges in width from 70 to 96 inches. A standard set of three bifold doors costs between $1,900 and $3,600 without installation. Bifold doors, like sliding doors, open on a track and have many moving parts, making durability and maintenance difficult. They’re also difficult to install and should only be done by a pro.

Pivot Patio Doors

The pivot hinges that are affixed to the top and bottom of the door are attached to pivot hinges on the other side, whereas the butt hinges affixed to the side of the swing door are attached to pivot hinges on the other side. The pivot point can be located at the center or to one side. A pivot door takes both indoor and outdoor space, so an open pivot door takes more space.

Why Pivot Doors are Unique

The main idea is that as children, we were fascinated by revolving doors at hotels and the idea of having one in our own homes was appealing to us. Doors that pivot are just as interesting, but they are more classy. They are not operated in the same manner as patio doors. Because there are no heavy framing parts such as butt hinges, your home’s visual appeal is not compromised.

When you see pivot doors, know that they pivot on a spindle. The structure is simple, with one enormous glass panel embedded in a frame. Almost invisible hinges at the top and bottom of the panel provide support for the panel, allowing it to rotate on its axis. Although they are beautiful, they are also simple to operate, which means they allow quick access to the patio or deck.

If you are looking for something that will have a simpler look that is similar to having just one long panel, then a pivot door is a good option for you. After hearing everything we have learned, you are able to make a single panel pivot door that is between 13 feet and 9 feet wide. Convenience isn’t just an attractive factor, it’s essential to any outfit that one wears regularly. It has a rotating capability of 360 degrees, making it easy to move.

If you choose, you have the option to select from a variety of frame materials, such as aluminum, wood, steel, or opt for a frameless door for a more modern appearance. In expensive luxury homes, the lobster gatherers will be found. The required amount of space indoors and outdoors are what makes them move from one location to another.

Pivot doors are being used more and more these days, especially in contemporary patio designs, for their clean-cut lines, chic look, and functionality.

Doors Made of Vinyl –

Vinyl balcony doors are an excellent combination of durability and affordability. Because of its durability, vinyl is frequently used to make exterior siding for homes.

Vinyl does not warp or fade easily. It is made at a low cost but is one of the most energy-efficient materials available. Vinyl is impervious to cold wind and extreme heat. It can also be customized in a variety of colors to meet your specific requirements.

Vinyl, unlike other types of doors, is not easily dented and does not rust, peel, or corrode. It can be shaped to resemble wood or metal, allowing you to select the style you prefer.


Fiberglass Door Options

Fiberglass balcony doors are similar to vinyl balcony doors, but they are more durable and expensive. Because vinyl is flexible, it can give the impression that it is a low-quality material. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is both strong and light.

Fiberglass is available in any color and style you desire. It can be textured to look like wood or left smooth.


Wooden Doors

Wood balcony doors are less durable than other materials, but they are still a popular choice for those seeking a classic, sturdy appearance. They are the most soundproof of any door material and can be painted to match your home’s color scheme. Wood has traditionally been found only on French doors and not on sliding or bifold doors.

Nowadays, covering the exterior side of a wood door with vinyl or aluminum to protect it from the elements is a popular option. This allows you to have an interior wood door with a weather-proof outer layer.

Regrettably, wood doors are the most expensive of the bunch. You will also need to treat them on a regular basis, and you may need to replace them every fifteen to twenty years if they are not weatherproofed. Wood balcony doors warp from the elements and moisture in the air, and if left unfinished, they can rot.


Steel Or Aluminum Doors

Another popular material for exterior balcony doors is metal, such as aluminum or steel. Both of these materials are made to withstand inclement and changing weather conditions without warping, chipping, or peeling. Steel can be extremely energy-efficient and is less expensive to install than wood.

Aluminum and steel doors are treated with an anti-rust agent to prevent rusting and damage. This protection, however, can be lost if the door is scratched or the treatment fades. Metal doors are also prone to denting, which is extremely difficult to repair.

Aluminum is less expensive than steel in terms of initial costs, but it is significantly less energy-efficient and more easily damaged. Depending on the outside temperature, it can get very hot or very cold. This allows the temperature of the door to permeate the interior of the home.

Sliding Door Options for you! – Galron Sliding Doors

Patio doors come in a variety of options, so you should decide based on what kind of door you want. You can have French or hinged patio doors, sliding patio doors, or bifold patio doors. Finding these doors is a mixed bag; they are made of many different materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or metal. If you are confident you can perform the installation on your own, don’t seek out a professional contractor to help. Whether you decide to go through the right or left door, you will certainly love your doorway to the great outdoors! Contact Galron Sliding Doors today for an estimate for your new patio and balcony doors.

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