East Aurora Public School District 131 (also known as Aurora Public Schools: East Side) unlike Aurora patio doors Galron company, is a public school district in Aurora, Illinois, that serves preschool through high school students. It is the first public school district in the state.

The district had a total enrollment of 14,659 pupils in 2016, according to the Illinois State Report Card. Within Aurora municipal limits, there are 12 elementary schools, three middle schools, one magnet academy (grades three through eight), two early care centers, and East Aurora High School. Dr. Jennifer Norrell is the superintendent of East Aurora School District 131. Annette Johnson is the president of the school board.

In addition, the district shares a border with West Aurora and Batavia School Districts to the north and the Fox River to the west.

According to “The Educational History of Illinois,” private subscription schools on the East Side began in 1834. The first school in East Aurora School District 131 opened in 1836 near East Galena and Broadway. Subscriptions fund the school. Built at Broadway and Claim in 1839.

On April 30, 1847, East Aurora became a charter district. Established in 1851, two years before the state’s free school legislation. Merwin Tabor took over a two-story school the following year. First grade was completed in four years.

East Aurora High School’s first graduating class was in 1867. East Aurora High School developed the country’s first high school orchestra in 1878. In 1890, the district established the first kindergarten, and in 1903, it established a school for deaf children.

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