East Prairie School District 73 is located in Skokie,IL a northern Cook County Chicago suburb. The district has one school, East Prairie Elementary School. East Prairie Elementary School has a prekindergarten program for all students in grades 1-8. Twelve teachers teach primary school children, eight teach intermediate school students, twelve more teach middle school kids, nine teach electives, and one instructs the staff on various technology themes.


East Prairie School was previously a small schoolhouse with a student body of fewer than 100 students, according to historical records. After a few decades of growth, the original schoolhouse was demolished and replaced by a new structure in 1956, with additional classroom space added as the student population climbed.


Approximately 550 children are enrolled in grades K-8 at this time. Students in grades 4-8 are encouraged to strive for academic success, with a heavy emphasis on language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, as well as music, art, STEM technology and Spanish.


School-sponsored extracurricular activities include band, chorus, yearbook, and various other after-school clubs, which provide a wide range of opportunities for students. Students in grades 5-8 participate in the Battle of the Books, in which they are tested on their knowledge of literature while competing against students from adjacent schools. Through the sixth grade Leadership Club and the Student Council, which recruits members from the seventh and eighth grades, students are encouraged to take on leadership roles. East Prairie School is well-represented in sports, with boys and girls choosing to compete in soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field, cross-country, and cheerleading, among other activities.


Volunteerism from parents is always appreciated, and the East Prairie Parent/Teacher Association is extremely involved in many of the events listed above. Fall Fun Fair, Spring Family Picnic, and Room Parent Programs are just a few of the PTA-sponsored events that occur throughout the year. The PTA also conducts various book fairs and other opportunistic activities throughout the year.


East Prairie School provides a safe and positive learning environment for its students and staff. Every youngster has the opportunity to achieve success and to be recognized for their efforts and contributions.


East Prairie’s youngest children have access to excellent learning opportunities because of the school’s innovative curriculum. Pre-kindergarten students participate in hands-on learning activities and are guided by our outstanding licensed pre-kindergarten instructors as they go through physical and social-emotional development.


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