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Dave Perlick is a well-known local chef and the founder of Region restaurant in Barrington, Illinois. He is also the proud father of two young children, Audrey and Everette, and has been married to Jillian since 2010.
Dave Perlick was born in 1977 in Albany, New York. He moved to Illinois with his family when he was 13 years old. Dave Perlick attended E.C.C. for the culinary arts program after graduating from high school. Perlick felt prepared to begin his career after graduating with a degree in culinary arts and hospitality management.
Dave Perlick began working at the Italian Gourmet in Algonquin during his college years. In a family-run environment, he spent three years learning about the passion, recipes, and history of Sicilian Italian cooking. Dave has been a part of every aspect of that business and still feels like one of the Colombos.
Dave was then led to Marriott Hotels in Schaumburg, where he witnessed the quality systems of conduct, volume, and organization. Dave quickly rose through the ranks and was even asked to join a special task force to help with the opening at the J.W. Dessert Ridge in Phoenix, Arizona. He also met his future wife Jillian while working there, but that’s a different story.
After three years with Marriott, Dave was offered the position of Banquet Chef at Boulder Ridge Country Club in Lake in the Hills, which he quickly accepted. There, he put his prior knowledge of systems and procedures to use and came into his own as the county club’s kitchen manager.
Montarra Grill in Algonquin was scheduled to open in 2004, with Dave Perlick as the founding Sous Chef. Dave really came into his own at this point. Dave Perlick took over as Executive Chef after one and a half years and was awarded three of four stars by the Chicago Tribune within a year. The restaurant received an Excellent rating from Zagat, the best dining outside of Chicago from Thrillist, and one of the best restaurants in Chicagoland from Open Table.
Dave decided it was time to open a restaurant with some partners after 12 years of success. As a result, M Supper Club in Crystal Lake was founded in May 2017. In one year, the restaurant has won Best of the Fox in the fine dining category, an excellent dinning review for the Daily Herald, and a following large enough to sustain the business for many years.


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