Blinds provide seclusion, keep your perspective, don’t swing like vertical blinds or drapes, and are likely to outlast the sliding door. If you’ve already settled on blinds for a sliding door, the next step is to figure out which type of blinds will look best with your sliding glass doors.

Galron Sliding Doors vertical blinds can transform your sliding glass doors, patio doors, and bay windows with their beautiful aesthetic. Vertical window treatments come in a variety of colors, opacities, and textures and allow for fine light control. Vertical blinds come in a variety of materials, including fabric, metal, and vinyl, and come in a wide range of styles, making them simple to match your existing decor.


Bypass blinds are the more common of the two sliding glass door blinds alternatives. Multiple blind panels slide on a track installed above your sliding door for bypass blinds. For access to the entrance, the blinds panels are offset such that one slides in front of the other. Alternatively, if there is enough space to the side of your sliding door, the track can extend beyond it, allowing the blinds to entirely glide to the side.


Keep in mind that with a conventional bypass blinds setup, one of your sliding glass door’s panes will always be covered by a blinds panel. Because there are fewer articulation points to damage or break, sliding glass door blinds in a bypass style are slightly stronger than bifold blinds.

When to Use Chicago Bypass Sliding Door Blinds: When you don’t have a lot of space in front of your door or want low-maintenance but long-lasting sliding door blinds.


Sliding Glass Door Blinds in Chicago

Bifold blinds for sliding glass doors are, as the name implies, blinds that fold. Bifold blinds are divided into smaller panels that fold inward, clearing the path in front of your entrance, rather than two huge, solid blinds panels that glide on a rail.

When should you install bifold sliding glass door blinds? If you want to be able to move your blinds completely off to the side of the door and have enough space on either side of the door to fold the blinds.


Sliding Glass Door Blinds Frequently Asked Questions





Many of our window blinds can be made to accommodate a sliding glass door, but other types may be ideal because they move horizontally, making them easier to handle.


We offer a variety of creative vertical blind options in addition to classic vertical blinds:

The cellular shape of Duette®’s Honeycomb Shades is ideal for sliding glass doors that require additional insulation from the heat or cold. They’re offered with the Vertiglide operating mechanism as vertical pleats. You can cover the entire sliding door with one shade or divide it into two shades that operate separately.

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels feature a sleek, contemporary appearance and are ideal for large, open doors and windows. Their innovative design allows an infinite number of panels to be attached to a single slender headrail, independent of door or window width, resulting in a small stack-back.


The vertical drapery style of Provenance® Woven Wood Shades is ideal for sliding glass doors. Natural woods, reeds, bamboo, and grasses are used to create these colors, which have a beautiful casual aesthetic.


If you want a classic, beautiful design, Luminette® Privacy Sheers are a good choice. The sheer front mimics classic sheer curtains, yet the 180-degree rotating vertical fabric vanes let you regulate light and privacy to create the ideal mood. They can be combined with Silhouette® Window Shadings on adjacent windows to create a cohesive look.


Because of their durability, blinds are a fantastic alternative for doors in high-traffic areas. Galron Sliding Doors provides three blinds’ collections, all of which may be made with bi-fold or bypass sliding-glass door track systems.


For patio and sliding-glass doors, vertical blinds are a natural choice. Fabric, vinyl, genuine wood, and metal finishes are available in a range of styles, colors, textures, and patterns to complement any décor.


Our professional installers will install the sliding blinds on your sliding glass doors, double-checking that the louvers can open, and the panels are moveable. This gives you a clearer view and makes cleaning easier.


It’s fine if you’re not sure what kind of blinds you’ll need for your sliding glass door. When you take advantage of our free in-home blinds’ consultation, the Galron Sliding Doors Chicago experts can assist you in finding the best fit for your space. Call 708-206-9646 or fill out the form below to arrange yours.

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