Water Under Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding glass doors are more widespread than ever, which implies that some of their drawbacks are as well. Water being stuck in the track is one such issue, and there are numerous ways to get it out, including cleaning the track and weatherstripping it. Let’s look at how you can keep water out of your […]

Sliding Glass Door Leaking Water From Top?

If you’ve ever visited Chicago, you know how quickly a rainstorm can dump inches of rain in a couple of minutes. Even if you never want to give up the beautiful vistas your sliding glass doors afford, heavy rain and high winds can cause major water intrusion issues. Do you need to read this because […]

Sliding Door Lock Not Latching?

A sliding glass door’s adjustable mortise latch is replaced in this quick fix. Due to the potential home security risk that a broken latch poses, the goal is to replace the broken/damaged latch with the same type. If the rapid fix is done wrong, the latch or its replacement may be lost inside the door. […]

Sliding Door Lock Not Working?

A sliding glass door that won’t lock is not only inviting to criminals, but it’s also a warning that your patio door needs to be serviced. I’ve listed a few things you can try to solve your non-locking sliding door below: Adjust your rollers as necessary. A faulty seal A filthy latch or lock Change […]

What Sizes do Sliding Patio Doors Come In?

The topic of what a conventional sliding glass door size should be is a good one to ask, especially if you’re upgrading or building a new apartment. Sliding doors provide a number of distinct advantages that are just too important to overlook. If you have a house near the ocean or a huge landscape, for […]

What Blinds For Sliding Patio Doors

Blinds provide seclusion, keep your perspective, don’t swing like vertical blinds or drapes, and are likely to outlast the sliding door. If you’ve already settled on blinds for a sliding door, the next step is to figure out which type of blinds will look best with your sliding glass doors. Galron Sliding Doors vertical blinds […]

What is the best brand for sliding doors?

Sliding patio doors are the most common type of patio door. It’s possible that you already own a set. If you want a new door, you can easily find replacements at large box stores, but for high-quality options, you’ll need to pick a brand and find a reputable dealer. In the post below, we’ve included […]

How to dress sliding patio doors?

Wide glass doors are great for adding a sense of openness and light to your house, but what if you want something a little more cocooning and privacy? We discovered some homes that have successfully used window treatments on their bifold, French, and sliding doors. Take a peek around to obtain some ideas for your […]

Wood Frame Sliding Glass Door

The following are the primary characteristics of wood frame sliding glass doors: On the outside, there is an extruded aluminum casing. An opulent bare wooden interior High performance combined with slim profiles Standard two-point locking mechanism Options for custom design (which include multiple door panels) Options for wood, hardware, and glazing There are 19 different […]

Replacement glass for patio door with blinds

The majority of manufacturers install the blinds within a sealed thermal window assembly. As a result, the only way to access the blinds and thus repair them is to disassemble the thermal glass assembly, rendering it useless. Most of these windows and doors will require you to purchase and replace the sealed glass assembly. This […]

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