Sliding glass doors and French doors are stunning additions to any home, but it is important to note that they are risk-free options. Patio Doors Security Bar is very famous nowadays; Galron sliding doors are installing patio doors for many years. You can contact them at 708-206-9646. Because it can be easy to secure them, they pose a safety, both in terms of preventing unwanted guests from entering and preventing younger children from wandering off. We have discovered the most straightforward and effective methods, which also do not compromise on aesthetics, for securing your patio doors. What is the patio doors security bar?

patio doors security bar

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How to Secure a Sliding Glass Door to Prevent Home Invasion and Burglary ? If not properly secured, sliders can be an invitation to intruders as well as a source of heavenly light and an airy atmosphere.

Security measures for sliding glass doors

If you’re fortunate enough to have a sliding glass door in your living space, you’ve likely marveled at the amount of natural light that pours in. Sliding doors bring the outdoors inside, providing portals for sunlight, beautiful views of leafy landscapes, contemplative snowy vistas, or a joyful view of children playing in the yard. Nothing compares to the fresh air that a sliding door lets into your home when it is open. Sliding doors have only two significant disadvantages: they are difficult to keep clean, particularly if you have pets or children, and they pose a significant security risk. These doors that allow you to see outside may also allow thieves or intruders to see inside, and if they are not properly secured, they may provide easy access to your home. So how should a sliding glass door be secured? Are you looking to install andersen sliding glass doors? Then contact Galron Sliding doors.

Security Bar with Anti-Lift Lock for Patio Door (White) Security Bar with Anti-Lift Lock for Patio Door (White)

ADJUSTABLE: Slides effortlessly from 25.75″ to 47.5″ for simple, no-cut installation. Allows you to leave the door partially open while securing it.

QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION ON MOST PATIO DOORS: Install on the interior or exterior of the track.

NOT A PRESSURE-MOUNTED BAR: Pressure-mounted bars are susceptible to shaking loose and falling. The SK110 patio door security bar and saddle are screwed into the door frame and profile for dependable security.

Mounts in the center of the door, as opposed to the bottom. Open the door without stooping to reach the handle

VISUAL DETERRENT: For added security, acts as a visual deterrent against burglars who can see it clearly through the door.

Patio Door Anti-Lift Lock Bar (Aluminum)


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