Sliding patio doors (also known as gliding or bypass doors) are a popular choice in many homes because they add a modern touch to any space. What are sliding glass doors at menards?

 Sliding Glass Doors At Menards

Features and Advantages:

• 2 or more panels on independent rollers

• The large glass panels provide an excellent view.

• Lets light into your house

• Capable of incorporating a screen panel for ventilation

• The least obtrusive option (will not interfere with your furniture layout)

• It is suitable for all architectural styles and designs.

• In windy conditions, it provides a weather-tight seal.


After deciding on the style of patio door you want for your home, you must decide on the material from which the door will be made. While most patio doors are made of glass, the framing that surrounds them can greatly aid in providing insulation and lowering energy costs. There are several options available:


When looking at anything with a glass pane, it’s important to understand the terminology used to describe the various properties of glass. Here are some of the most common and useful terms to be familiar with:


The rate of nonsolar heat loss through the window is referred to by this term. Windows with a low U-factor will be less drafty in the winter, keeping your room warm and comfortable. Galron also install modern sliding glass doors. 

Coefficient of Solar Heat Gain (SHGC)

The SHGC value indicates how much solar heat the window transmits. A low number indicates that the window lets in less solar heat, which is beneficial in hot climates and during the summer months. In cooler climates, a higher number may be desired to allow more solar heat in during the winter.

Transmittance Visible (VT)

The VT of a window indicates how much light will pass through it. A high VT indicates that more light is passing through the glass.

Leakage of Air

The amount of external air that leaks through the window is referred to as air leakage. A lower value indicates that less air will pass through, which is better for insulation.


When looking for the perfect patio door, you’ll most likely come across a plethora of exciting available features. Extra features, whether they add style or function, can influence your decision.

Menards 72×80 Sliding Door


Menards Sliding Patio Screen doors

This standard patio screen door can be used to either replace a screen door that is broken or as an upgrade from an older model. This unit is designed to be simple to install and provides a sliding operation that is both smooth and quiet when opening and closing. Your home will be easily filled with clean air thanks to the full view frame, while the durable screening will prevent insects, debris, and other unwanted guests from entering. This screen door is constructed to last with a tough galvanized powder-coated steel frame, and it provides you and your family with long-lasting enjoyment for many years to come.


Menards Sliding Doors Interior




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